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This page will connect you to the variety of work by TRS.  For more details go to the “shop” section for details. Please use the “back button” on your browser page to return to the TRS website

TRS shop work photos A ongoing collection of works successfully done in our shops
Overhauled AC-12 front engine

Aster Stirling A successful repair for the Aster Stirling now under steam once again.

Customer feedback

Summer 2010 business trip:

National Summer Steamup (NSS) California

Steam Across the Pacific: G1MRA article

Japan railways business trip part 2:

Japan railways Visit to Aster and various train related transportation

TRS Articles, contributions, and other insights

Quartering: Solving performance issue

Retrofit AC-6 Flat face Accucraft

Southern Pacific AC-6 Build log

Weathered and modified Accucraft AC-12

Accucraft AC-12 upgrades and performance outcome

Aster Kit: Lion

Aster Reno 4-4-0 tune up

Aster Kit rebuild: Glaskasten

Aster Mallard tuneup

Aster Hudson tune up and coal fired conversion

Modifications of three Hudsons: two Aster and one Accucraft

Fourth Aster Berk in TRS hands for work

Coal conversions: Standard and Narrow Gauge boilers<

Philadelphia 0-4-0 machinist kit build

Rod upgrades with ball bearings

Regner Kit build: Kittel steam locomotive

Locobox Darjeeling Garratt

Roundhouse Forney water system

Informational References:

Here you will find contributions to and the process by with one can better understand the who, what, where, why and how of live steam experiences.

TrainFest 09 G1MRA article

Steam in the Garden article: Aster Berkshire

Steam in the Garden article: Accucraft Cab Forward

Cab Forward Operational Manual w/upgrades

Berkshire repairs-

Cab forward upgrade part 1

Cab forward upgrade part 2

Cab forward upgrade part 3

Cab forward combination levers

Cab forward dog bone flex joint

Accucraft GS4- rebuild log


Cabin Fever Expo

TrainFest09 Mega Steam Event


Current and future plans

TRS parts- Track

Hobby enhancements

RCS of New England- authorized to install remote control for live steam

TRS Home page

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