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July 2nd, 2009

Welcome to Triple R Services

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231 Rutland Ave. Mount Holly NJ 08060  (609)280-8744  tr3services(at)

We have  repaired,  retrofitted, weathered and built working scales models of steam powered boats, cars and trains.  We have serviced customers worldwide whether it be information, construction or  repair/replacement on models.   The models we serviced are operated either manually or by RC control.

Need a quick answers, insight or information about TRS work:  FAQ

Highlights of current shop work (use “shop work button on top of page for overview of all work): Aster Challenger, Aster Big Boy, Aster Allegheny, Accucraft Big Boy, Accucraft AC12:








Current news: 

The past quarter  was a successful one having completed:

Accucraft CP Hudson dual fuel (coal/alcohol) conversion
Roundhouse Fowler- upgrade to running gear and valve parts
Aster Southern Mike- Kit build
Aster Class B Shay-kit build
Aster Berkshie- tuneup & lights

In progress for this quarter
Aster Mallard- RC
Accucraft GS5- upgrades of valve setup and steam delivery & lights
Aster Big Boy- rehab (in progress)
Accucraft Cab Forward- upgrades
Accucraft Mogul- coal conversion
Aster K4- alcohol conversion
Aster A3- Kit build
Aster 241 P- kit build

Progress can be followed:

Triple R Services Shop work


A new electric to steam conversion: N &W Class A locomotive:






Norfolk and Western Class A steam locomotive  The “Cadillac” of big locomotives.  Able to produce 6800 horsepower and top speed of 70 mph

Along with the Class A here are some upcoming shop jobs:
  • Aster 241P Kit
  • Aster Mikado Kit
  • Aster S2 Kit
  • 4 Portable tracks
  • 5 Accucraft GS4
  • Roundhouse SRRL coal fired
  • Aster Berkshire- coal fired conversion
  • Aster Mikado- coal fired conversion
  • Accucraft CP Hudson- coal fired conversion
  • Aster A3 rehab
  • Aster JNR C57 rebuild
  • Aster JNR 9800 rebuild
  • Aster C12 rebuild

All Photo log work sets  (link)and Triple R Services work videos (link)to work sets related to:
RC installs
Whistle installs
Custom painting
Multi-fuel Conversions
Track  Steam boilers

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TRS will get the job done as soon as possible but not sooner than possible.   We strive to get the job done correctly, taking the time to ensure your satisfaction.  A usual job will take 3-18 months (dependent on job complexity and shop schedule). TRS IS NOT a factory assembly line business.  Our priority is quality work, not deadlines that might result in the return of a job. While our priority is a proper job over a time frame we can offer an “EXPRESS” service.   The hourly rate is $75.00-100.00 an hour for “Express” service.  Please note that some jobs have a built in time requirement (e.g. breakdown and rebuild of a large locomotive would be about 25 hours) that cannot be shortened. 

We guarantee and warranty all work done by us (if the work done has any other party intervene than TRS it is voided of any warranty).

 For details of our work, customer feedback and most recent jobs see the link bar on top of the page.




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