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Welcome to Triple R Services, LLC.

People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it.
H. Newton
  • Coming Summer 2016: Additional series of coaches/cars: Pullman line, Harriman Line and GN Empire Builder Limited edition
  • Morning Express Series (www.thegalline.com) MADE IN USA    TRS will be offering (Spring 2016) RTR gauge1:  Express Reefer, Milk Flat car, Milk car, Express boxcar, Baggage car, Heavyweight Passenger coach   with full interiors  
  • Quarter 4 (2015): Very successful- Black 5, GS4, NYC Hudson, Aster FEF, Aster C57, Accucraft 2 truck Shay, Aster 241P, Regner 0-6-0
  • Shop work update: arrival of projects : Aster FEF-3 Kits (5),Aster Allegheny Kit build, Aster Challenger kit build, Aster S2 Kit
  • AC-9 Yellowstone (3 units) conversion from AC-12 Cab Forwards
  • Aster Rebuilt Merchant Navy detailed and customized: Aster RMN
  •  Custom build reproduction of CB&Q O5-b
  • Fine Arts Model Norfolk and Western Class (3) conversions from electric to live steam.
  • Aster S-2 Great Northern; Productions, Parts & Items for Sale listing

TRS- Contact

231 Rutland Ave. Mount Holly NJ 08060  (609)280-8744  tr3services(at)gmail.com

TRS provides services to enhance your steam experience.   We strive to do the job correctly as our priority over deadlines or broken promises.  We do not take short cuts or quick fixes just to meet a time line.  We have  repaired,  retrofitted, weathered and built working scale models of steam powered boats, cars and trains for 10 years and counting.  We have serviced customers worldwide whether it be information, construction or  repair/replacement on models.   The models we service are operated either manually or by Radio Control.

  • Upgrades/retrofits
  • Parts/Components
  • RC installs
  • Weathering
  • Whistle installs
  • Custom Projects
  • Custom painting
  • Coal/Multi-fuel Conversions
  • Custom Track Frames
  • Steam boilers

TRS is an independent company.  We are not employed by any particular manufacturer of gauge 1 trains.  We service all makes and models of gauge one products!

Need a quick answers, insight or information about TRS work:  FAQ

All Photo log work sets  (link)and Triple R Services work videos (link)to work sets such as Challenger kit step process

Youtube videos of steam operations with many shop related test runs:  TRS Videos

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