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TRS is an independent company.  We are not employed by  an particular manufacturer of gauge 1 trains.  We service all makes and models of gauge one products!

Contact TRS:

Charles and Ryan Bednarik

231 Rutland Avenue
Mount Holly, NJ 08060-1323


email: tr3servicesatgmail.com (be sure to delete and insert @for at)
Triple R services provides realism, retrofits and reproductions to enhance your steam experience.

Our goal is to provide what is necessary to maintain  your steam engine for years to come.

TRS would be glad to discuss with you personalizing your steam engine through upgrades, appearance, customization and/or special need parts. Basic rates for services are $30 hourly and $45 hourly for machine work. Each job is a custom order and very hard to set itemized rates. A simple “fix” or tune up is different from a performance level upgrade. We have had business transactions with customers worldwide.

References available upon request (regarding customer contact information with permission only). Indicators of good business has related factors such as

  • Repeat customers- yes
  • Number of similar jobs- yes
  • Unique jobs- yes
  • A variety of jobs- yes

TRS– See our services with the photo collection of work done (click on the underlined TRS).

Our development in the hobby has gone from seeking parts to making parts, from obtaining engines to making engines and from enjoying RTR to improving stock performance. Our goal is to offer excellent services, products and supplies to other hobbyists allowing for our clients the continuation of enjoyment in the live steam hobby.

We are very involved with the hobby. As members of a variety of organizations, clubs, and web site forums there are many opportunities to keep abreast of the various developments in the hobby. Our ventures include:

The outcome of our work has been documented and is well known from a speed setting locomotive to the most powerful engine in it’s class in the international pulling contest. Most importantly is the public awareness of the enjoyment that this hobby brings to those that seek it out. The wonderful world of hobbies is open to all those wishing to enjoy the meaningful experience.

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