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TRS is an independent company.  We are not employed by  an particular manufacturer of gauge 1 trains.  We service all makes and models of gauge one products!

We strive to do the job correct as our priority over deadlines or broken promises.  We do not take short cuts or quick fixes just to meet a time line.

People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it.
H. Newton

SHOP WORK: List below that represents some of the work done in the shop.  Each one is a web link to details (visual or outline) of what was done to the engine.


  • Fine Arts Model Norfolk and Western Class A locomotives (4) to be converted from electric to live steam
  • Shop work update: Several Aster Kits arrived: Challenger, S2, Allegheny
  • New York Central: Conversion from butane fired to coal/alcohol fire locomotive

A successful setup of coal and alcohol from the original butane fuel system of an Aster NYC Hudson.

Aster NYC Hudson Photos

Aster NYC Hudson coal video

  • American Freedom Train Locomotive Completed (upgrades & custom paint by TRS)  AFT Locomotive Video       AFT Locomotive Photos

  • Aster 241 P Kit

  • Accucraft K36 coal fired

  • Boilers

    Boilers are  being offered in conjunction with TRS offers services for modifying , upgrading, manufacturing new, and re-design boilers. Boilers can be single fuel or multiple fuels in design. The process utilized to manufacturer the boilers will be done to standards recognized internationally.

    Custom Boilers

    Click on photo for custom boiler link

    Boiler safety reference

    Miniature Boilers

    Parts & Components:

    Accucraft GS4 bearings alternated

    Click on photo for component part link

     Custom made RC units for live steam (use left/right arrows to view all photos

    Aster GN S2 RC

    Examples of completed work and details:

    Work sets related to: Upgrades/retrofits, Parts/Components, RC installs, Weathering, Whistle installs, Projects, Custom painting, Conversions:

    TRS Shop work videos and related steam activities

    All Photo log work sets

    We guarantee and warranty all work done by us (if the work done has any other party intervene than TRS it is voided of any warranty).


    Aster Challenger step build kit process

    Aster Challenger (2 of 4  kit builds being done by TRS)

    GS4 timing Video

    Aster Berkshire Kit build Video

    Accucraft Cab Forward

    Accucraft AC12 CabForward
     Accucraft AC12 video upgraded by TRS Shops:

    AC12 photo log of rebuild

    • suspension upgrades/lateral motion devices installed
    • valve gear upgrades (working combination levers)
    • ball bearings on rods and tender trucks
    • articulated steam pivot (dogbone)
    • larger steam lines
    • new large capacity lubricator with separated oil feeds
    • gas tank steam heater valve
    • rebuilt cross heads
    • new engine saddle support bolts
    • new pilot guides
    • quick disconnects
    • lighting
    • new check valve
    • relocate bypass valve, burner efficiency upgrades.

    Accucraft CP Hudson

    Accucraft CPR Hudson coal conversion

    Accucraft CP Hudson test run video

    Accucraft CP Hudson coal Conversion photo log

    CP Hudson upgrades by TRS Shops

    • Boiler-Coal fired boiler with fittings (if the engine is alcohol fired all old boiler fittings are reused, for gas new fittings will be made for blower, etc)-Can be supplied with test records that comply to G1MRA standards
    • Coal bunker- Custom fabricated to replace the oil bunker, modeled on CPR prototype practice
    • Cab modifications-Water feed system overhaul-Front end modifications (not as severe on alcohol fired engines, mainly rearranging plumbing)
    • Ashpan/Grate. -We employ a sliding grate and fixed ashpan to facilitate easy cleaning of the fire after each run, the grate is pulled out and then ashes/clinker are raked into the central ash pan to be dumped from beneath the trailing truck via a sliding door.-No removal of the rear trailing truck is necessary to accomplish this, engine can be cleaned while it is on shed
    • Decals and custom paint Renumbering to any number between 2820 and 2859, which were classes H1c and H1d of the Royal Hudson, these were the only two classes that were both streamlined and coal fired.-The 2860 (what the model is based on) belonged to the 5 H1e class engines which was built oil fired for the British Columbia region (engines numbered 2860-2864)
    • Parts- new steam and water pipes, new blower and exhaust nozzles, axle pump, tender to engine piping, lights-A incandescent headlamp in a custom turned aluminum reflector (powered by 2x “AAA” size batteries), A new front valance as designed by David Leech.  Replacing the inaccurate staggered one on the model with a prototypical full width valance.

    Accucraft GS4

    Accucraft GS4 Daylight

    TRS shop work on Accucraft GS4

    Accucraft GS4 video

    Accucraft GS4 modification photolog

    Accucraft GS4 upgrades for improving performance:

  • Accucraft GS-4 Cylinder Porting
  • Valve tuning/adjustment
  • Steam Testing (Rolling Road)
  • Accucraft GS-4 Quick disconnect
  • Radiant burner modification
  • Aster Handpump install
  • GS-4 Globe Valve (extend past cab)
  • Throttle extensions/exhaust nozzle
  • GS-4 Water System rebuild (axle pump/checkvalve)
  • GS-4 Rod Soldering Piston Head soldering
  • GS-4 Pilot/Trailing truck mounts
  • GS-4 roller bearing rods
  • GS-4 Globe Valve (extend past cab)
  • Throttle extensions/exhaust nozzle
  • GS-4 Water System rebuild (axle pump/checkvalve)
  • GS-4 Rod Soldering Piston Head soldering
  • <
  • GS-4 roller bearing rods
  • GS-4 roller bearing rods
  • Aster K4
    Aster K4coal fired conversion

    TRS shop work conversion coal fired K4

    Aster K4 coal fired video

    Aster K4 coal fired modification photo log

    • Aster K4 Coal fired boiler with fittings
    • Aster K4 grate/ashpan
    • Aster K4 steam/water piping
    • Aster K4 tender coal bunker
    • Aster K4 smokebox work (petticoat/blower/exhaust)

    Accucraft Mogul

    Accucraft Mogul coal fired

    Accucraft Mogul Coal firedAccucraft Mogul conversion coal fired photo log-Throttle and blower on a shared manifold, looking like the backhead with blank plugs where the extra valves are.-Sight glass with blow down valve-Check valve for axle/hand pump feed line-Safety valve in stock location-Filler plug in stock location in the cab- water input (optional) goodall, hand pump, axle pumpYou will also get a complete tool kit and a coal firing starter kit with bags of coal and charcoal for your first runs

TRS IS NOT a factory assembly line business.  Our priority is quality work, not deadlines that might result in the return of a job. While our priority is a proper job over a time frame we can offer an “EXPRESS” service.   Express service is for most jobs that have a time line of 2 weeks to 30 days.  Please note that some jobs have a built in time requirement (e.g. breakdown and rebuild of a large locomotive would be about 25 hours) that cannot be shortened. 

We guarantee and warranty all work done by us (if the work done has any other party intervene then TRS it is voided of any warranty).

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