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Many of  our customers and their steam engines we have serviced can be found operating at these steam events

Steam events:

Throughout the year TRS attends several annual events that show case the engaging hobby of gauge one live steam:

TRS Shopwork photo log

Straver Steamup

Diamondhead International Steamup

2014 Cabin Fever Steamup  Part 1   Part2

National Summer Steamup

I&EW Fall Steam up

Tuckahoe Steam and Gas

IEW Steamup

IEW Steamups

SR&W steamup

SR&W steamups

National Summer Steamup

National Summer Steamup

Here is the first of 6 short reels on the 2011 National Summer Steamup (NSS) in California

NSS 2011

Aster Big boy at PLS steam up

PLS steamups

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever steam up

Steamtown National Park and Trolley Museum

Steamtown National Park Steam up

Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Show

Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Annual event Steamup


Turkey Trot 2011 Steamup (3) 0 00 26-06





Turkey Trot

Steamboat Regatta

Steamboat Regatta







Steamboat & Regatta

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