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TRS is an independent company.  We are not employed by  an particular manufacturer of gauge 1 trains.  We service all makes and models of gauge one products!

People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it.– H Newton

What type of work can you do or specialize in?

  • TRS core work is done in gauge one (both narrow gauge and standard gauge) commonly known as “G” gauge or by scale (1:32, 1:24, 1:20, etc). We can replace or upgrade parts, improve performance and make your model railroad equipment look realistic.

What references and/or referrals can you provide me?

  • We would be glad for forward to an interested customer any contact that might be relevant to the potential job request.  Please visit the link to our feedback on jobs completed:  Feedback

What will it cost to work on my engine?

  • That depends on the extent of the work and the complexity of the engine. An Accucraft Cab Forward takes about 100 hours to completely upgrade. A heater valve installation to the tender is very quick. Common request such as weathering an engine average $150 and lights $250. In general our shop cost are about half of most work done world wide.  The “bottomline” will be a set price as agreed upon prior to any work. We do have set prices for specific jobs and others are by hourly rate (i.e. as published here machine work is between $35-45 per hour).  For example a kit build by Aster of Japan is double our cost to the customer in comparison to our charge to build the same kit.

Do you do emergency or quick repairs jobs: “EXPRESS WORK”

  • While our priority is a proper job over time frame we can offer an express service.   The hourly rate is $75.00-100.00 an hour.  The time frame would be between several weeks and 3 months depending on complexity of job.  Please note that some jobs have a build in time requirement (e.g. breakdown and rebuild of a large locomotive would be about 25 hours) that cannot be shorten.

What experience does TRS have with steam engines and model railroad equipment?

  • The TRS staff have been involved with modifying, repairing, upgrading equipment for 10 years. The operational knowledge of the staff ranges from HO (Hornby) to operating 1:1 live steam. We have dealt with every major manufacturer as well as some custom made pieces. Work ranges from retrofit of electric to a real steam locomotive to a re-design (AC-12 to AC-9). Our experiences have been well documented online (mylargescale.com) in articles (Steam in the Garden) and through public displays (steam up).

Do you require a deposit with an order?

  • That depends on how unique the order is. For normal orders, as long as you are serious about the order, then we require no payment until your model railroad equipment is ready for shipment (serious means a commitment to the agreed price once we start work on your order) . If it is a custom job then 50% deposit is required (custom means that TRS new parts other than what is available from manufacturer, e.g. working combination levers).

How long does the work take to complete?

    • That depends on how unique the order is and the shop schedule given that we are a part-time shop. Your job request will be put on the schedule once we receive either a deposit or the piece that is to be worked on.  We did offer an express service ($45.00-100.00 hourly rate) with a several weeks to 3 month time frame.  For normal jobs, an estimated completion date will be indicated once we receive the part or unit (most work is 3-18 months on, once on the bench depends on the complexity). Throughout the process we will communicate and document the work. Please keep in mind that the estimated completion date can be affected by many things outside our control (health, suppliers, business engagements, unforeseen machinery breakdowns, jobs complexities or unpredictable problems,  family obligations, etc) yet we strive to meet the goal of completing your project in a timely manner but our priority is to get the job done correctly.

Our hard-working staff will complete your order as soon as possible, but not sooner than possible!

People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it. H Newton

Do you guarantee the work done?

  • Yes, we stand behind our work. If there is any need to revisit the work done we will do it free of charge (including shipping). Please contact TRS to discuss the issue at hand so that we might be able to resolve the problem prior to shipping. The guarantee of our work is void upon owner or third party “tinkering”, normal wear and tear, or improper operational procedures (e.g lack of water or oil).

Does TRS,LLC carry insurance in case of damage to a client’s locomotive?

  • Yes, Triple R Servcies, LLC is fully insured for business purposes.  Along with the business insurance we fully insure for replacement value during shipping process.  Our customers can be re-assured that their property is covered both via insurance and alarm systems.

How do I place an order?

  • Just contact TRS via e-mail, regular mail, or the phone, and let us know what you need (ABOUT TRS). We can then discuss the details with you, and confirm the price and a completion date. You can make payment via personal check, or paypal (3% fee).

Is shipping included?

  • No, shipping is not included in the price. All items we ship require insurance and confirmation. Please remember that we do our best in packaging your valuable(s) but we cannot be held responsible for shipping damage due to mishandling or loss items.

How do you normally ship?

  • TRS uses UPS/USPS who have done an excellent job for us so far. If you need other arrangements we will work with you.

TRS will get the job one as soon as possible but no sooner than possible,  We strive to get the job done correctly taking our time to ensure your satisfaction.  Job will take 3-18 months (dependent on job complexity and shop schedule).  Express service is offered with the understanding of shop schedule and fixed time obligations that some locomotive have in breakdown/rebuild.  We guarantee and warranty all work done by us (if the work done by TRS has  any other party intervene then it is void ).


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