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We guarantee and warranty all work done by us (if the work done has any other party intervene then TRS it is voided of any warranty).

People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it.
H. Newton

Photo log

Feedback is important to us. Here is an unsolicited published acknowledgement of our services:

  • Ryan,  Ran her this morning.  Ran like this for about 10 to 15 minutes.  Job well done,  Tom
  • The TRS coal/alcohol dual firing conversion of the RH (Accucraft Royal Hudson) stands as one of the finest I’ve seen in the 20yrs I’ve been in gauge 1.
  • My TRS track is truly portable. It has an aluminum frame, much lighter than Eaglewings and no worries about rust. It is much smaller, a 13′ x 17′ oval which breaks down to fit in the back of my Subaru to take to shows. I find it difficult to level compared to the previous two portable tracks I built. I set it up at different venues, not always flat. If it will mostly stay put I think it will be fine. Again I’ve never seen one suspended.
    Both are topped with an aluminum/plastic sandwich material (Dibond and some less expensive variants) and that is absolutely the way to go, again impervious to the weather.
    Were I doing it again and the cost was similar I would go with the aluminum TRS system specifically for the aluminum vs steel situation.  Tom B (post on MLS)
  • I finally found the time to get back to the office and unwrap the engine.  Great packing job.  Nary a dent in the package.  The engine is over the top.  It is one thing to view another man’s engine but it is another to finally own your own.  This example is wonderful.  Your assembly is absolutely stunning.  I have the engine sitting on my desk in the office for all my patients to see.  I only wish I could show them what a remarkable engine it is under steam.  After seeing what you have done for this build project, I know what to expect for the other three.  I am so glad that Dan hooked me up with you for the build aspect of the engines.Now knowing what you have done to build the FEF, I can only guess how special the AC-9s will be.Thanks again for all  you have done.    Richard
  •  I was very pleased with the performance of my H-8 with new burners made by Mike McCormack and installed by Ryan B. Ryan also brought a reworked AC-11 Cab Forward for Terry S, Terry was pleased to get an excellent run with it as well.  Jim
  • Dean’s ran great !!! Thanks again for help.    Bob
  • You guys are amazing. Thanks for providing a great service to all!
    Br03 ran very well, thanks.
    Duchess ran great for 40 minutes.     The axle pump worked quite well.
    Very pleased, thanks!!!


  • The FEF that Charles and Ryan built for me ran great. Was the first time I had fired her up to steam.    Art MLS 061916
  • I had Ryan look over the Castle
    It had about 50 hours and started not keeping pressureHad good 45 minute run yesterday with strong bark. better than everThough you would be interested in Ryan’s notes
    Rebuilt the steam piping from the superheater header as the seals had failed in multiple spots, replaced the wicks with new aster material, disassembled and rebuilt the valve gear where needed. The timing was off quite a bit so I reset that after the valve gear slop was taken up with the new bearings. The superheater header-steam chest piping was all rebuilt with copper crush washers on all banjo fittings which will last in the high heat environment. There were also major air leaks in the smokebox bottom so while the plate was out I cleaned it and put in new ceramic sheet to reseal the smokebox.The sight glass was cleaned and I redid the lower banjo bolt sealing surfaces with copper gaskets as this was leaking some under steam.The lubricator works very well, on the last run I did not even have to give it a shot with the pressurizer and the engine had the usual light ring around the stack at all times. All in all a very strong performer with a very good axle pump. The valve gear will notch up a very long way and this makes for very good efficiency over the run. i was stretching an hour on a tank of fuel on the last run which was very good indeed. 2.5-3 turns back from full gear seems to be just right. If it is a little lumpy give half a turn forward and it should smooth out nicely.          J. Overland MLS 06/12/16
  • Accucraft GS5 with TRS combination lever kit and lighting kit on first run with upgrades. It ran perfectly.  Jim McD
  • MLS web site: Bob
    you are correct. I have had Ryan and Charles do some things to my Aster Facory run engines and they run much better.
    I will probably get the engine this weekend or early next week. I get too impatient sometimes but have to realize that Ryan and Charles are serious about getting the engines perfect.
    Art,You are Lucky that you got Chuck and Ryan to this,They are the Premier builders and assemblers of Asters Kits.T you could have had Ryan build it ( not Aster)and it would have ran as great,THIS IS A GREAT LOCOMOTIVE.If You want one give them a call.Chuck and Ryan
  • FEF Kit Build:
    Thanks for the video, a fine job on the FEF.  Some of the extra things you take pride in doing, like placing green stripes behind the water glass, adds professionalism and makes the engine the best it can be.  I couldn’t be more pleased.   Tom R
  • I just wanted to drop  you a line to thank you once again for taking the time to deliver the Hudson and spend the time at the track.  I just keep playing the video’s I took over and over.  I can’t believe how good it looks, runs, and sounds now.  The lights look fantastic.  I’m just tickled with it.  I sent some photos and video to the guy who sold his and he’s just kicking himself in the posterior for getting rid of it. If you happen to come across another Hudson, I bet we have a sale!  (MWilliams email)
  • Charles, Today I got to see the Daylight you did for Tom Hebl. Beautiful!(MLS posting)
  • We have tune up help from TRS and other gurus. (JOverlandMLS)
  • As Bob pointed out, services such as that by Charles and Ryan become invaluable.  (Zubi MLS)
  • Track Frame” Thank you very much for putting together a “How to Install” manual.  I am sure it took a lot of time to prepare.  I wanted to let you know I received the pallet yesterday. I must say I am very impressed with the entire packaging, very professional and well planned and thoughtful.  The track is super, very high quality finish.  It is totally worth it.  As soon as I have free time, I will put it up and test run my locomotives.  Nate V
  • I recently received this loco (Aster Rebuild Merchant Navy) from Charles/Ryan. They did a fantastic job. It ran beautifully on rollers. TRS does do good work. We are fortunate to have them in the hobby.  Nate & Tom  MLS commentsI did a quick video of the test. Thank you Charles/Ryan from TRS
  • Aster S2- Looks great Guys. Thanks for your work and thankful we have someone to call on to do the job right.  That looks fantastic. I think you shud post that on MLS along with the other S-2 details.
    That looks like a great job withm the R/c.
    Thanks again and I am glad I ask about the R/c.
    Regards Art
  • CP Hudson- Now that I’ve seen the job you and Justin did, all I can say is ‘wow’.  I was expecting great boiler work but all the work is beyond my high expectations.  I really appreciate everything you did:  fabricating all the detail pieces, designing a working dual fuel system, adding the lighting and dealing with any existing engine imperfections–including fixing the piston rods. The level of skill, the attention to detail, the professionalism and the craftsmanship is most impressive!   I neglected to appreciate the packing job as well.  Excellent job and everything arrived in perfect shape.  Thanks again for that attention to detail.
  • Aster Challenger: Built by TRS
    I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Charles and Ryan for helping me put together this a highly complex and lengthy kit. The built quality is well beyond anyone could expect from a professional modeler.
  • Aster Southern Mikado Kit-The Mikado arrived today in perfect condition.  I could not be more pleased.  You guys did a great job.
  • GS5 Lighting kit- Some pictures of completed installation of your lighting kit for the GS 5. No problems except failing close in eyesight on my part. The smoke box door is three separate castings. I had removed the four screws in the back before drilling the holes through the reflectors. The MARS light twisted in the door casting but I was able to twist it back and reinstall the screws. The wiring schematic and instructions made it fairly easy and enjoyable. Thanks for the great lighting kit.
  • Accucraft Mogul- I am pleased with everything. Thank you for the how to sheets , they are very helpful. After reading the instructions , a lot of forethought for safety & ease of operation went into this build . Very professional job, 
  • I always enjoy seeing your work. I especially enjoy using it!
  • Aster NYC HudsonFor a wide variety of reasons I was not able to find time to run the Hudson after you did the work on it last year until this weekend.  Now I am kicking myself because it ran beautifully several times today.At some point next year I am going to take it out to the FLLS track and open it up on the long flat straight away and see what it will do.Thank you very much for a job well done.
  • You a a major asset for the community  jim o
  • NYC Hudson Coal fired: Fabulous, absolutely fabulous! If I say so myself, the Hudson looked real, like a prop used in a Steven Spielberg movie. The black paint color on the drivers is a nice touch.
  • GS4- Ryan, Well done. You’ve more than earned your pay. I test ran my Daylight yesterday and it ran fine.
  • GS4 Youtube comment 02/10/13-
      Your company never disappoints, that is one sweet locomotive, great work.
  • Relative to recent K4 coal fired conversion–  I really appreciate your ethics. I will continue to reap praise on your work. Nice to know I have someone I can fall back on

Regards Art

  • CPR Hudson conversion: Great looking engine, you have really done a first rate job. I can’t wait for Sac. Thanks again Jim
  • As posted on Youtube: Your company never disappoints, that is one sweet locomotive (GS4 gas fired upgraded), great work
  • As posted on MLSlive steam forum:  Again, Charles and Ryan you do great work.(K4 coal fired conversion)
  • Aster GNS2 Build:  I believe that your integrity is impeccable based on conversation with you and Ryan.
  • From Diamondhead International Steamup: Yes, I was smiling every time I ran the GS-4. It performed beyond my expectations and I let everyone know it.  Hopefully TRS will gain some new business from my smiles and Ryan’s meeting with everyone at Diamondhead.
  • Diamondhead International Steamup: I’ve been back home and in the routine and wanted to take a minute and tell you I was pleased to meet Ryan and Justin. They are two fine young men. I don’t just say that because Justin helped me out with an issue with my Accucraft Consolidation. They are good people and I was pleased to have met them. Tell Justin his boilers are works of art, he’s definitely a craftsman.

Steam in Garden Mailbox

Portable Track build:
Dear Chuck and Ryan,

Thank you so much for a fun and successful, excellent weekend. It is truly a “dream come true” for us to have a railroad in our back yard!
Wanted to let you know that the first loop has been completed and we have had our first Steam Up!!! (We had one guest and his son)
Thanks very much for our wonderful track!
P.S. I ran an engine yesterday at John’s new track yesterday, nice work on the modules!

General comment:

  • I have had Ryan do work for me in the past, and his labor rates and estimated hours have been very reasonable.
  • I have had Ryan do work for me in the past, and his labor rates and estimated hours have been very reasonable

Conversion work-From Japan:

  • I sent an mail to one of the most skillful customers to  check your video.  He was impressed very much.

Aster K4 Coal fired conversion:

  • One step closer to firing up the K-4. I finally opened box and the engine looks fantastic. Ryan did a bang up job of packing and there is not a blemish on engine.

Aster Berkshire Valve gear upgrade

The valve gear has been better than new ever since it was installed.  Good job.   One bushing had a little bit of a shadow where it didn’t clean.  I thought it might develop into a problem but it hasn’t.  Chuck

Aster Great Northern S2

From Andy….

It arrived with no damage at all, this is my first Aster and I must say it’s impressive and your workmanship is just as impressive!!

Accucraft CP Hudson Coal fired Conversion:

Great looking engine, you have really done a first rate job. I can’t wait for Sac. Thanks again Jim

Accucraft Mogul Coal fired Conversion:

Things are going fine engine is performing well.   I very much appreciate the extra you guys put into the engine work.  Thanks – Bill

Aster NYC Hudson:

I read your recent article with envy.  I have an Aster Hudson that steams well but is a poster child for “fierce and violent” slipping.  I would like the upgrades for my locomotive done.

Coal fired conversions: Mikado, K4, CP Hudson, NYC Hudson, Berkshire in the process

  • Please let me know when to ship the ASTER KIT MIKE for the build as a  coal- fired conversion.
  • Second call last might and confirmed the Aster Mike conversion
  • On work bench- Aster K4, Aster Hudson, Aster Berkshire

Accucraft AC-12 Updates: Parts

  • Charles, thank you! That is really a great news if you have a part that solves the issue.

AC-6 conversion
Thanks again for all the assistance yesterday! ….also thanks to you (Charles) and especially Ryan for all the help

I very much appreciate the time you have taken to give the full explanation below. Sounds like we should be using non-metallic balls in all check valves.
You have fully convinced me to keep my hands off the work and leave it all to a master (you!).

Pearse 2-6-0: Needed new eccentric, rings, gas burner noise reduction and tune up-
Ryan and Chuck,

I want to thank you again for a great job on the Pearse.

I ran it yesterday several times for at least an hour at the RIT show in Rochester. It ran very well and I was particularly impressed that it was so quiet, It also received several compliments so it was nice to have it available to run again.

Thanks and if you ever want a referral don’t hesitate to use my name.

Regards Accucraft 0-6-0 work: tune up, new piston rings, cylinder/valve chest lapping, new bearings, and custom weathering”:

Wow, 1285 on her cab just as I remembered and in the corner you can see the small “S-14″, from her unique Vanderbilt tender in matte finish to the matching number on the door, it was all there. Ryan, she looks wonderful, I am impressed. I could have taken some great pics in the shop, then thought against that too. What was that word? Anticipation? Yeah, that was it. Tomorrow she gets re-oiled, virgin engine, even better than new, take the time and do it right.

Custom made boiler
The boiler is beautiful, well made, great features.

Aristocraft Mikado: Bad superheater tube
Yes, I did run it over the weekend and it ran well. I liked that goodall valve set up, do you make that for any other brands? I have and accucraft 0-6-0 that I have one their goodal valves on but, it’s not as convenient or handy as the one you have for the Mikado.

General endorsement-
Yes the Bednarik’s [TRS] do a great job, I have sent my Cab Forward to them plus I have had most of my Accucraft customers send their engines to them for tune-ups and modifications.

I’d try the Bednarik’s, they do amazing work. Just had a full page ad in the latest Steam in the Garden.

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